Global Arts and Music Education Center




Music Performance Clinic & Concert


Event will include: 


*Live Music


*Product raffles and giveaways


*The Importance of Education


*Music as a Career



Drum Stuff


Rudiments & techniques 

Stick bounce and balance

Variety of  bass drum techniques

Beginner, intermediate and advanced Moeller techniques. 

*How to integrate exercises and application of finger development techniques.  

*Drum Tricks (The Show Drummer)

*How to be more effective in all styles (example; Rock, Latin, Funk, Jazz, & Metal, etc.)

*Improve your single stroke roll in 10 minutes.  


*The secret to knowing your instrument, playing in the pocket.

*How to turn your drum beats into money making loops. 

*Pro tools (Recording Drums, Getting the Best Drum Sound, Mic Selection

Drummer, The Multi Instrumentalist ( Incorporating Electronics into your stage performance)


The Biz

*Music business 101( songwriting, producing, copyrights & publishing) Music Marketing

*Health & Wellness for the Drummer / Percussion (diet, exercise,  the warm-up, posture, hearing &drum ware)



Each participate will receive a Global Arts and Music Education Package

Photo op with Instructor /Artist/Clinician, Contact Sheet, 2016-2017 Calendar, List of Top Colleges for Music,

Information Pack: Rudiment Chart, Drum Notes,  10 Quick Points to being a successful working Drummer 

Joe Alessandro

* Live Music


* Giveaways 


* Drum Stuff


* More Drum Stuff


Larry Washington

* Drum Biz Stuff


* Drum Health Stuff


* Reps

   talking about gear 


  * Special Guest

Jul 28, 2018

Asher Theater

Myrtle Beach, sc

Aug 21, 2018


 Torrance, CA

Aug 25, 2018

Asher Theater

Myrtle Beach, sc

Sep 22, 2018

Sam Ash Hollywood 

Hollywood, CA

Sep 29, 2018

Asher Theater

Myrtle Beach, sc

Oct 20, 2018


Westminister, CA

Jul 31, 2018

Asher Theater

Myrtle Beach, sc

Nov 10, 2018


Ontario MILLS, CA

Dec 8, 2018

Sam Ash Megastore

Las Vegas, NV

Jan 5, 2019

Sam Ash Megastore

City of Industry, CA


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