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is focused on sharing music by indie artists, and giving them a voice in the industry dominated by major labels.

Buy direct from our Beatworkz Music Store here at BeatworkzLtdusa.com as well as our partners Amazon.com & Applemusic.com will offer  music, video, merchandise & downloads from our Original artists, we give the music public a new place to go for music not found in the local music outlets, You'll be able to  spend some time on the site, clicking on each album will take you to the artists page, and give you an opportunity to listen before you buy. we hope you will like what you hear.


Monthly, we will be featuring a new artist, sharing a little about them, and giving you a link to their website as well.  If you are an artist interested in being featured, please contact us at beatworkzltd@gmail.com

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Expected release : Feb 2021

Expected release : Dec 2020

Expected release : Jan 2021

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Music and silence combine strongly because music is done with silence and silence is full of music.


                                                                                        (Marcel Marceau)


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